Motorcycle Towing Methods

If you ride motorbikes, you understand the excellence and uniqueness of the vehicle. Your motorcycle is a cherished possession, and you attend to it as much as you can. So it is natural to feel worried about moving your motorcycle from one location to place. But there is no need to feel anxious about the safety of your motorcycle if you adopt an appropriate towing method.

Whether moving it across the country or into a storage, towing your bike safely begins with the right method. Following are some recommended methods for towing motorcycles:

There are 3 popular methods in towing motorcycles, all of which are safe and effective if you use the right equipment and setups. These include towing cradles, wheel lift, and the most popular flatbed towing. The method you select for your towing will depend on your preference and the towing situation.

Two Wheel or Wheel Lift Towing

Wheel lift towing is an efficient method for towing motorcycles, notably if your motorcycle is the only vehicle you intend ever tow with the tow truck. Tow dollies are basically two wheels attached to an axle and carried by a frame with a ramp. All you have to do is move your motorcycle up the ramp, make all the attachments, and you can be on the road.

Towing Cradles

Sometimes you can see vehicles dragging a smaller one behind its wheels, the towed vehicle is normally fixed to a towing cradle. For cradles towing motorcycles, they are also called motorcycle trailer hitches. Towing cradles are excellent choices for towing these two-wheeled vehicles. That is because they are easy to use, small, and inexpensive. They work fine when towing motorcycles. The front end of the motorcycle is connected to the trailer, trailer attaches to the back of a vehicle, and the back wheel is on the ground allowing the motorcycle to be towed.

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed tow trucks are the most popular option for moving vehicles. This is especially so for motorcycles that have broken down and fail to move. The ramp, or known as flatbed, situated behind the tow truck has a flat surface which is unrestricted and supported by a sturdy frame. towing straps, locks and special ropes are used to keep the bike attached to the flatbed, avoiding it from falling over. This firm setup also leaves little room for error, thereby simpler to tow other non-operational vehicles or objects. Flatbed towing service is easy to hire. You just need to hire one from a towing company, or if you want to do it yourself, you can consider renting one from a licensed tow truck rental.

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